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Magnetic postcards

Magnetic postcard is an interesting and unconventional advertising gadget that combines a decorative feature of traditional postcard with the advantages of advertising magnets.

This is an excellent alternative to the original souvenirs from holidays, or advertising of hotels, apartments and tourist attractions



The standard magnetic postcard consists of a 0.4 mm magnetic foil, double-sided glued with glossy paper from 140 to 200 g , attracting side is like the classic postcard: contains a palce for address and a short message; on a non-magnetic side there is a graphic.

We also offer one-sided magnetic postcards – this option is particularly attractive for souvenir sellers and owners of tourist facilities.

Such a one-sided magnetic card can be made by three techniques:

– printing on paper with a magnetic foil

– printing on paper, backed with 1.5 mm grey cardboard and magneti foil

– printing on paper, backed with a 3 mm black EVA foam and magnetic foil

Magnetic postcards can be packaged in a dedicated polybag, which can have printed bar code, which will certainly facilitate further distribution.

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