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The magic of magnetic products

Media Mag for over 12 years is engaged in the distribution of magnetic foil and production of advertising magnets and magnetic gadgets. Currently, the quantity of the services and standard of quality makes us one of the largest advertising companies in Pomerania.

Developed through years of experience manufacturing technology, allows the highest quality products at competitive prices, contained in a wide variety of categories for home, business, and advertising agencies. Production processes, which we are using, allow for any modifications of orders. We are able to take on the toughest jobs, while we always keep the timeliness of delivery. The only thing that limits us is only the creativity of our clients. Beyond the range of standard products, Media Mag also offers help with graphic designing, as well as a broad suite of solutions and gadgets that will become a tool of well-drawn campaign.

Professional approach, openness to the customer and creativity of our team ensure that the final product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. High quality magnetic foil, used in a production as well as ready-made magnetic products, are certified by recognized throughout Europe. We also deal with all the formalities related to the export of products to the Member of the EU and beyond.

Reasons why you should work with us:


magnets produced by us are the highest quality products

delivery on time

Delivery will take place at the scheduled time

the lowest prices

We offer the lowest prices on the magnetic foil’s market

individual approach

individual approach to each order

rich offer

we have a wide range, which can be freely modified and personalized

full service

We provide comprehensive customer service – from the production process through the process of packaging, protection and shipping

certified materials

all of our products are made of certified materials

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